Ghost Recon Wildlands gets permadeath mode on Xbox One and PC

Doris Richards
July 23, 2018

This event will apparently be called - appropriately enough - The Badge, and will be part of Special Operation 2 launching on July 24. This includes the introduction of "Ghost Mode", a new way to play the main PvE campaign, with friendly fire, permadeath, and the option to play solo without AI squadmates backing you up.

If players are not revived when down, their game is over and progression is reset. However, if you like competitive multiplayer, then you're in luck too because "Ghost War" is getting updated. This loadout can only be swapped out at ammo boxes littered throughout the world, or you can pick up the weapons of fallen enemies.

Real Reloading, which means that if you pop out a partially full clip, you'll lose the bullets that were in there when you slap in a new one.

True Solo mode is exactly what it sounds like, finally allowing players to turn off AI teammates completely.

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Ghost Recon Wildlands July update adds permadeath, solo mode, new PvP maps and more

More Ghost Mode details including realistic reloading and gear management features were also shared, those details seen below.

Observer Mode: A new spectate feature that can be used to watch and showcase custom PvP matches through specific tools and a free-roam camera. Special Operation 2 also adds emotes, victory poses, and voice lines for an extra layer of personality.

The PvP "Ghost War" mode will also be getting a brand new map and some quality of life improvements. Ubisoft went on to tease a few surprises, saying that a special new PvE mission is still slated to be revealed soon.

The second large, free update for the second year of the game's content was revealed days ago with Ubisoft releasing a trailer for Special Operation 2 that previewed a permadeath mode and more. All other players will gain access to this update the following week on July 31. Ghost Recon Wildlands is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Check out what's in store with the update in the trailer below.

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