Indonesian teen raped by her brother jailed for abortion

Lester Mason
July 23, 2018

A 15-year-old Indonesian girl who was raped by her brother has been sentenced to six months in prison for having an abortion, police said.

Per Indonesian law, abortion is prohibited in nearly all cases, with the only exception being if the woman's life is in danger, and "under certain circumstances" if she is raped, according to The Guardian. The prosecution had originally petitioned for a one year sentence for the girl, he added, who had the abortion six months after becoming pregnant.

The girl had her abortion when she was six months' pregnant, according to a court official. She says she did so because the incestuous act shamed the family before the community.

Testimony in court said the girl had been raped eight times since September. Police arrested the brother and sister in June.

The defendants and their lawyers accepted the sentences, which also ruled that the girl and her brother must undergo rehabilitation at the Institute for Special Education of Children.

Both the girl and her 17-year-old brother were sentenced by a district court in Sumatra on Thursday.

Global health authorities and rights groups have long criticized Indonesia's abortion laws, which they say restrict women's rights to reproductive health and lead many to undertake risky abortions at illegal clinics. They say women's reproductive rights are limited, which forces them to seek risky abortions at illegal clinics.

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