Rumors: operating system Fuchsia will soon replace the Android

Doris Richards
July 23, 2018

Google immediately said it will appeal the ruling, arguing that its free operating system has led to lower-price phones and created competition with its chief rival, Apple. At the moment on developing a new operating system employs more than 100 specialists of the Corporation, and the support of the project deals with the head of Google.

In addition to internal issues such as the one mentioned above, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Hiroshi Lockheimer, are yet to sign off on an official road map for Project Fuchsia. Android may be a dominant operating system. Our case is about three types of restrictions that Google has imposed on Android device manufacturers and network operators to ensure that traffic on Android devices goes to the Google search engine. After all, like all the other producers, and just think that Apple includes all its basic app without the ability to delete them permanently or replace them in full with others, while Android is.

In its ruling, the European Union said Google broke the rules by requiring cellphone makers to take a bundle of Google apps if they wanted any at all.

"With Android, Google is still chained to decisions it made years ago, before it knew anything about managing a mobile OS that ships on billions of smartphones", Ars Technica's Ron Amadeo wrote at the time.

Alphabet shares were down 0.5 percent in pre-market trading in NY on Wednesday. However, sometimes they are also party poopers. Their group of engineers has reportedly been working on this replacement for years, and according to Bloomberg, it seeks to be the bigger and better version of Android. An antitrust dispute in Russian Federation, for example, prompted Google to change its design to offer people a choice of search engines when they set up their phones. Some developers have toyed with the operating system, but none have set it as the foundation for an app or service on a popular commercial device. Reportedly, Fuchsia's privacy-oriented features were the cause for this clash between the two teams, and the advertising team has apparently won this round.

Moving away from Android and Chrome could carry other risks for Google. Chrome OS is also important software that runs web-based laptops used by many schools and other organizations.

Trump is clearly entitled to his opinion that Europe has taken advantage of the USA - regardless of whether there is any evidence to back up this claim - but he seems to forget that his opinion of the law in other parts of the world doesn't really matter.

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