Portugal breaks temperature records amid heatwave

Lester Mason
August 3, 2018

Eight places in Portugal broke local temperature records Friday as a wave of heat from North Africa swept across the Iberian peninsula - and officials predicted the scorching temperatures could get even worse over the weekend.

The highest temperature reliably recorded in Spain was 47.3 degrees Celsius in Montoro, Cordoba on 13 July a year ago.

At present, the all-time continental European record is 48C, recorded in Athens, Greece, in July 1977 but that could be topped in the coming days.

Temperatures could reach 48C in Spain and Portugal today.

"That's maybe a temperature that might happen in the interior part of the country".

Spain's current record high is 47.3°C (117.14°F) and Portugal can boast a slightly-higher highest temperature, at 47.4°C.

With this heat comes uncomfortable, muggy nights for southern Britain, but a tweet from the U.K.'s national weather service on Thursday night reminded Brits that temperatures are much higher in parts of Spain and Portugal.

The hot weather will move up towards Britain and Ireland later in the week.

Spain's highest recorded temperature is 46.9C in the southern city of Cordoba last July.

It is also bringing dust from the Sahara Desert, meteorologists said.

In northern Europe, Sweden was still under threat from wildfires, which in recent weeks have extended into the Arctic Circle.

The prolonged hot spell has devastated wheat fields across northern Europe with evidence of serious damage to crops prompting observers to cut crop estimates across the European Union, collectively the world's largest wheat grower, to a six-year low following the extreme weather.

People in the United Kingdom are experiencing the second heatwave of the British summer, which is expected to falter midway through next week.

A Met Office spokesman told the Press Association: 'Essentially at the end of the week we're looking at a bit of a north-west/south-east split in the weather.

The north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland will enjoy temperatures in the mid-20s, with scatterings of rain.

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