Japanese Students Use VR To Recreate Hiroshima Bombing

Lester Mason
August 7, 2018

Hiroshima marked the anniversary of the August 6, 1945, atomic bombing of the city with a sombre ceremony to remember those killed and injured and a call to eliminate nuclear weapons amid hopes of denuclearising North Korea.

In this August 8, 1945, photo, survivors walk past one of the few buildings still standing two days after the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. "That is precisely why we must continue talking about Hiroshima", Matsui said.

The five-minute clip captures the moments immediately before, during and after the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the city 73 years ago, killing 140,000 people.

"Let us on this occasion, reaffirm our resolve to strive for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction and to work together for the propagation of peace and brotherhood", she said.

Without naming specific nations, Matsui warned that "certain countries are explicitly expressing self-centered nationalism and modernizing their nuclear arsenals".

The Hiroshima mayor regarded the nuclear weapons ban treaty as "a milestone along the path to a nuclear-weapon-free world", urging the government of Japan to play a role to help bring it into force. Matsui criticized nuclear deterrence and nuclear umbrellas as flaunting "the destructive power of nuclear weapons and seeking to maintain worldwide order by generating fear in rival countries" and urged world leaders to use reason and insight to abolish nuclear weapons.

Japan, which hosts USA troops and is covered by the US nuclear umbrella protecting it from attack, has not signed the treaty. "We in civil society fervently hope that the easing of tensions on the Korean Peninsula will proceed through peaceable dialogue", he added.

"If the human family forgets history or stops confronting it, we could again commit a awful error", Matsui said in this year's peace declaration, read out at a ceremony to mark the 73rd anniversary of the bombing. With the mid-summer sun already blazing, Hiroshima starts another day.

As in the previous year, he stopped short of mentioning the nuclear weapons ban treaty, only saying that a gap has emerged among countries over how to advance nuclear disarmament.

The US attack on Hiroshima ultimately killed more than 140,000 people; the bombing of Nagasaki ended another 70,000 lives three days later. In order to gain cooperation from both sides, it is important for everyone to understand "the reality of the tragedy of nuclear attacks", he said, and reiterated Japan's pledge to maintain it pacifist and non-nuclear principles.

The attack on Hiroshima, 700 kilometres west of Tokyo, in the closing days of World War II ushered in the nuclear age.

Although it's impossible to relive a moment in history, a group of the students have recreated the moment an atomic bomb dropped over the city through VR to portray the livelihood of people that was taken away as a result of the bombing.

Barack Obama became the first sitting United States president to visit Hiroshima two years ago, in May 2016.

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