Two killed in tanker fireball

Lester Mason
August 7, 2018

Images released by police show the tanker ploughing into the back of the lorry that had come to a stop in motorway traffic.

Dashcam footage and photos of the explosion have gone viral.

Italian news agency Ansa has reported that one person died and 40 others were injured following the blast.

Reuters Italian media said a truck carrying cars collided on a bridge with another tanker truck containing inflammable materials.

Thick black smoke was seen rising up in the air from miles away from the site of the blast.

"Many of the injured received cuts from flying glass, which had shattered". Aerial photos showed a gaping hole in the highway next to the tanker.

Two people have been killed and at least 60 injured, Italian outlet La Stampa reports.

The Italian television Sky TG24 said flames from the explosion set off secondary blasts in a new vehicle lot below.

Firefighters said the flames were extinguished some three hours after the explosion, and they were working to cool the area to facilitate operations, ANSA reported.

Firefighters have extinguished the blaze and begun to investigate why it happened.

The fire closed a major junction to the Adriatic coast.

Bologna Airport confirmed the explosion but said it had not been involved or affected.

Two cars on the motorway also blew up after the truck's combustion, according to Italian media.

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