Smash Bros Ultimate Leak Potentially Reveals Simon Belmont as New Fighter

Doris Richards
August 8, 2018

King K. Rool is joining the fight alongside other newcomers that were announced during the Direct, such as Castlevania's Simon Belmont and Richter, and new Echo Fighters entering the fray such as Metroid's Dark Samus and Fire Emblem's Chrom. Ultimate Direct, and, as you would expect, it was jam-packed with exciting info, including the reveal of two debuting characters, as well as new "Echo Fighters", Assist Trophies, stages, modes, and more! Ultimate will also feature some returning favorites, both for single and multiplayer situations. There's a new stage exclusive to Training Mode, which features a grid and other visual elements to help players practice and ideal their techniques. Ultimate was renamed to "Bloody Tears/Monster Dance", two music tracks from the Castlevania series that date back to the original NES entry in the series.

Characters from the Castlevania franchise are finally coming to Super Smash Bros. Counting game music tracks and other music, like in-game menus and other short musical passages, there are approximately 900 compositions - that's more than 28 hours of video game music!

While players can expect new stages such as the addition of Castlevania stages, Nintendo appears to be keeping true to its roots, as the N64 version stages are in the game and are created to keep the old-school style first and foremost. Players will then battle with one character at a time, switching between fighters whenever one is defeated. But, as always, Smash Bros. is expected to steal the show, which is why Nintendo is dedicating an entire Direct live stream to the game on August 8th at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

In addition to these modes, Sakurai also announced that there will be a Tournament mode. Naturally, Simon's Echo Fighter is Richter, who has his own rad poses and moves, and Alucard is available as an Assist Trophy. Some of these Pokémon include Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu and the enormous Alolan Exeggutor.

Smashdown: After every battle in Smashdown, the selected characters no longer become available.

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