Don't miss the meteor shower

Mindy Sparks
August 9, 2018

This year's show is predicted to be an "average" show by Perseid standards, with as many as 50-60 meteors per hour at peak. "You should be able to see some meteors from July 17 to August 24, with the rates increasing during the weeks before August 12 and decreasing after the 13th", NASA said in a skywatching video. When the Earth's orbit crosses a trail of these particles they can collide with our atmosphere and burn up as shooting stars.

This means the moon will set before the meteor showers stars.

The Perseid are essentially a collection of dust and small rocks left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle. Some more good news - with the New Moon coming on August 11, the light pollution will be low.

One of the best sky shows of the year is coming this weekend.

In 2018, the peak night of this shower will be totally free of moonlight.

You won't need any special equipment to catch the shower, either.

They should start whizzing across the sky before midnight, but the best displays will be in the hours before dawn.

The radiant will appear to come out next to the Perseid's namesake constellation, Constellation Perseus. That was most likely the Perseids.

The Perseid shower is named after the constellation of Perseus.

The fireballs can and will appear in the sky randomly, so the best thing to do is to lie back comfortably and absorb as much of the open sky as possible.

"Relax, be patient, and let your eyes adapt to the darkness", Kelly Beatty, Sky & Telescope senior editor said in a statement. It's a rich meteor shower, and it's steady.

Just be aware of any local light pollution from lamps and buildings that might make the skies brighter during the peak.

And the good news is you can do this with nothing more than your naked eyes. For the best viewing, make sure you get away from city lights.

If you head out, keep in mind to pack something warm for the night, snacks, drinks, blankets and give your eyes up to 30 minutes to adjust to the dark of night.

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