Former Rangers footballer subjected to sectarian abuse at airport

Annette Crawford
August 9, 2018

Novo later tweeted about the confrontation, saying: 'Arrived at Belfast worldwide airport tonight to support the local community for all sides of the divide, as soon as I walked out of the airport I was surrounded by Celtic supporters that hurled abuse and tried to attack myself.

Novo, who plies his trade for the Gers between 2004-2010, approached the Celtic supporter who'd sung: "I hope you die in your sleep Nacho Novo".

A Belfast football club has said it was unacceptable that former Rangers player Nacho Novo was subjected to sectarian abuse at an airport in the city.

"Why do you disrespect me like that", Novo was heard saying in retaliation to the aggressive fan, adding: "What have I f***ing done to you?". Then Nacho asks 'Then why are you threatening me?

Amateur League football team East Belfast, who were playing host to Novo at a presentation day for their 2006 age group, issued a statement condemning the airport incident.

Considering that Novo suffered a heart attack in January of this year, the chant is especially heinous.

A spokesman said: "We are disgusted and angry that Nacho was subjected to a barrage of vile sectarian abuse".

There's been plenty of reaction to the footage - including from Rangers and Celtic fans - but Chris Sutton's tweet was particularly spot on.

But away from the stands, one Celtic fan has taken things too far in his harassment of ex-Rangers player Nacho Novo.

Well said, Chris. Although he's a Celtic man through and through, he clearly sees that the line between banter and abuse was crossed in this instance. Rangers draw a lot of support from the Protestant Unionist community in Northern Ireland, while Celtic supporters are predominantly Catholic - two communities which clashed throughout Ireland during "The Troubles". I'm fine and today coaching lovely kids in Belfast.

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