Oscars to shorten run-time, add popular film category

Angelo Anderson
August 9, 2018

The broadcast typically runs close to four hours, with last year's clocking in at 3 hours and 53 minutes.

Next year's Academy Awards will still air on February 24th, as previously announced.

An outstanding popular film category may also go some way to allay criticism that numerous films acknowledged by the Oscars are "increasingly irrelevant" and do not reflect what the viewing public want to watch. - We're planning a more globally accessible, three-hour telecast. In a statement from Academy president John Bailey and C.E.O.

There's a new category coming to the Oscars, the Academy announced Wednesday. In addition to announcing the new category, the Oscars said the telecast will be "more globally accessible" and that the 2020 ceremony will take place earlier in the year on February 9.

In an effort to keep future ceremonies to three hours, Bailey and Hudson said certain awards will still be presented live, but others will be given out during commercial breaks.

Those winning moments will then be edited down for air later in the broadcast.

While details on how movies will be put in the running for this new award have yet to be shared, their tweet reads that it's "being designed around achievement in popular film".

Eligibility requirements for the new popular-film category have not been publicized, but several critics have already accused the academy of pandering and lessening the stature of the best-picture category. The date change will not affect awards eligibility dates or the voting process.

The next Oscars broadcast will be as announced, February 24, 2019.

It is the latest attempt by the Academy to remain, in the words of its leadership, "relevant in a changing world", and to maintain its position as the premier awards ceremony for excellence in film.

It later issued an addendum to its letter, saying: "in creating this award, the Board of Governors supports broad-based consideration of excellence in all films".

"Here's the ten highest-grossing films, when accounting for inflation aka America's most "popular" films," Palotta wrote.

- The Kenny (@TheKennyMiles) August 8, 2018nomination for stunts please!

Among the changes is to present fewer categories live.

At present, the Academy Awards are the last of Hollywood's big award shows, following ceremonies like the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild and Independent Spirit Awards where numerous same people are winners.

- Alice (@alicekatemurray)SERIOUSLY? This is SO disrespectful to the winners!

Following last year's worst ratings ever, the Oscars have created a "Most Popular" category in the hopes of getting more people excited about the Academy Awards. "Popular films are films!" The MTV Movie Awards?

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