Tourist racks up $47,000 in speeding fines with rented Lambo

Lloyd Doyle
August 9, 2018

As reported by the The National in UAE, the driver aged 25, crossed the speed limit 33 times within hours of renting the Dh1.3 million vehicle from Saeed Ali Rent a auto dealership.

But his brother Adman, 50, claims his passport was seized after he had driven the £155,000 supercar.

'He was supposed to be there for five days and fly back next week but now he is stuck in his hotel room, he's had to extend his stay'.

There is now AED70,000 for 12 violations and then another AED105,000 to get the vehicle out of impound, the auto dealership is reluctant to retrieve the vehicle from the hotel, as it can not pay the impound fines.

The tourist, has given his address as Five Palm Jumeirah Hotel and Resort, and he still has the auto. We have tried talking with Mr Hashi but he has not responded. I do not understand why he would do this'. Police will impound the auto if the fines aren't paid.

Hashi could also face a prison sentence if the court finds in favour of the rental auto agency and he is unable to pay the money owed. "I can't keep his passport with me for long".

The fines were issued after he triggered every speed camera on the Sheikh Zayed Road and reached a top speed of 150mph (240 km/h). Twelve of the fines were imposed for exceeding 124mph and were seconds apart.

"I'd warned him that there are cameras everywhere in Dubai and that he'd be liable for the fines", he said. Iqbal's concerns are valid, as tourists are allowed to leave UAE even after having traffic fines worth thousands of dirhams, as the charges are set in the name of the owner.

With the driver legally off the hook, for now, the dealer fears he could go to the embassy and claim he lost his passport in order to get home scot-free and avoid paying the colossal fine.

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