God of War free New Game

Doris Richards
August 10, 2018

Sony's Santa Monica Studio is giving players a great reason to replay the PS4 exclusive when it launches New Game Plus.

To find out more about God of War, keep an eye on its website.

When you begin a God of War New Game Plus file, you will be able to choose your difficulty level. After that, the feature will be available once players have then patched the game with the New Game Plus update as well.

The much-requested feature can only be unlocked after completing the epic daddy simulator, after which it'll be waiting for you once the game has updated.

You can buy God of War on PlayStation 4 now at Mighty Ape. There is even a new rarity level.

Kaufman also promises that as well as being harder to take down, some of the bigger enemies will also have some new tricks up their blood-stained sleeves. It seems that these new items can be forged using a new resource called "Skap Slag" that grants you access to "the best of the best from our finest blacksmiths".

The studio also promises new customization options, armor sets, and enchantments, so it certainly sounds like New Game Plus will offer quite a bit to players who have already made it through God of War's story.

Finally, get right back into the action with the newly added ability to skip through cinematics in both normal and New Game+ modes once a full play through has been completed.

The update is the biggest one God of War has ever received, the developers said, and it's will be released on August 20.

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