Galaxy Note 9 tops YouTube’s recommended devices list

Doris Richards
August 11, 2018

YouTube's new program was silently launched around the same time as the flagship Note 9 was announced. These are handsets that use next-gen technology to provide users with a "best-in-class YouTube experience".

HDR: With support for High Dynamic Range (HDR), you'll see videos that are richer in detail, with true-to-life colors.

"At this point, we have to wonder what the prerequisites are for a device to be regarded as the 'YouTube Signature Device". These "Signature Devices", the term used by the company, are said to offer best-in-class YouTube experiences across multiple aspects, including reliability and performance, and when viewing 360-degree content in addition to regular videos.

It all sounds like the kinds of things you can only get from top-of-the-line devices, and that's the gist of it, really. All YouTube Signature Devices must support six core technologies - HDR, 360° video, 4K decoding, high frame rate, next-generation video codecs such as the VP9 and digital rights management performance. The list lacks the iPhone 8 or even the iPhone X, the latter of which features one of the best performing smartphone displays.

The iPhone X features support for 4K decoding, HRD, peak frame rate and others. In fact, unlike numerous other devices recommended by YouTube, the iPhone X also features a stereo speaker setup. Due to this reason the device is not capable of playing 4K videos in Safari.

"Watch high resolution videos on YouTube while using up to 30% less bandwidth". What are your thoughts on the matter?

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