No Election Speech by Modi at Red Fort

Lester Mason
August 15, 2018

In a speech that clearly showed the government was gearing up for national elections in 2019, Modi presented a snapshot of the goals achieved in the first four years of the National Democratic Alliance government as well as outlined an ambitious new agenda for the future - the launch of his government's Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Abhiyaan, the national health protection scheme being one, that aims to cover 10 crore families, from 25 September. India is the sixth-largest economy in the world and Modi said worldwide institutions see India as giving strength to the world economy for the next three decades.

The government's motto, he said, is reform, perform and transform. "It is due to them that so many people are fed, the lives of the poor are transformed", the prime minister said.

There is now no role for middlemen or traditional power brokers in the capital in influencing Governmental decisions, he said.

Emphasising the need for the equal development of Ladakh, Jammu and the Valley regions - one of the BJP's alleged grouses against the PDP was its bias to Kashmir - Modi said his party believed in former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee's path of "insaniyat, Kasmiriyat, Jamhuriyat (humanity, composite culture, democracy)".

The Prime Minister said that the mood in the country has changed with new hope amongst youngsters.

This seems to be PM Modi's "JFK moment" as he announced that India will become the fourth nation to send a man to space.

The scheme - popularly known as "Modicare" - has been described as the world's biggest government health insurance initiative. The Prime Minister said the scheme will have positive impact on 500 million Indians who can not afford proper heathcare."It is high time we ensure that the poor of India get access to good quality and affordable healthcare".

The PM said that in 2022, on India's 75 year of Independence, India has made a decision to send a "son or daughter" into space. "As important as economic growth is dignity of the individual".

While the country is brimming with self-confidence today, it is forging ahead with a new sense of commitment, he said.

There were expectations that Modi would abolish Income Tax below Five Lakhs and some other sops.

"In 2014, 125 crore Indians did not stop at just electing the government, they have got involved in building the nation".

In his televised address to the nation, he said: "The decisions the country takes today, the foundations we lay, the projects we undertake, the social and economic investments we make today whether for the immediate future or for the medium term will determine where we stand". "Penetration of optical fiber and internet in rural India would have taken decades, if we had progressed in the same speed as was in 2013", he said. "We are not partisan", he said. "In today's India there is no place for nepotism".

PM says for next three decades India will drive the global growth. "We have to free our society and country from this disgusting mentality of rape".

"The practice of triple talaq has caused great injustice to Muslim women".

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