Fortnite New LTM: Soaring 50's, Plus Sniper Shootout Changes

Doris Richards
August 16, 2018

It adds a new character called Thora, who can lure husk enemies into traps.

As per an official Tweet yesterday evening from Epic Games, the developer has clearly stated that it has opened up the Fortnite Android Beta to more devices.

The Sniper Shootout mode has also made its way back to the game, tasking players with grabbing that Victory Royale using only sniper rifles. The new weapon is the Heavy Sniper Rifle, which deals massive damage to people, and even more damage to structures.

Not the biggest update, but the Heavy Sniper Rifle should be a handy item, and the Soaring 50s mode sounds like fun. The team may have a long reload but when it packs 150/157 base damage depending on variant, you may only need that one shot thanks to a decrease in bullet drop. This new mode looks to try and offer a new twist of the 50 vs 50 mode and brings a huge emphasis on mobility. It allows players to deploy gliders when falling from large heights, while spawning additional Impulse Grenades, Bounce Pads and Launch Pads. Essentially, when you're in mid-air and greater than 10m up, you'll be able to press "jump" to deploy your glider.

A few days ago it was revealed that the Heavy Sniper Rifle would be making its way into the game in just a couple of days. "Jump in and soar to new heights!"

Kicking things off with the new weapon, players will now have access to the Heavy Sniper Rifle. The only weapons players will happen upon here are sniper rifles, and the spawn rate of floor loot has been reduced by 50%. Epic has also taken the opportunity to reduce the Minigun headshot multiplier from 2.5 to 1.5.

Removed the Power Rating restrictions on Challenge the Horde missions.

The update applies to PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and mobile versions of the game, our sister site GameSpot notes.

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