Gmail for Android adds confidential mode

Doris Richards
August 16, 2018

Google announced today that Gmail's confidential mode has come to mobile devices. The feature launched on desktop earlier this year, and it allows senders to restrict things like forwarding, copying, and downloading the emails they send.

Even though being cautious can help keep your sensitive information out of harm's way, Google announced Confidential Mode at this year's Google I/O for Gmail. Tap on that and you'll be given options to set a passcode for the email, an expiration date, and more. The receiver of a message marked confidential, whether it's an attachment or in the body of the email, will not be able to forward, copy, download, or print that content.

Gmail's confidential mode is an interesting feature for email that provides low-level protection for your messages. While emails sent with the confidential mode make it slightly hard to make copies of your sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access, they can easily be cloned simply by using a device's screenshot feature.

Implementing confidential mode is a fairly easy process that's similar across both Android and iOS. What do you think of Gmail's new addition?

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