Elon Musk Breaks Down During Interview

Angelo Anderson
August 17, 2018

Hansen said that he told Tesla on June 12 that he had "corroborated connections between certain Tesla employees at the time and various alleged members of the Mexican drug cartel identified in the DEA report as located in Mexico, that he urged Tesla to disclose his findings to law enforcement and to the DEA task force, but that Tesla refused to do so and instead advised him that Tesla would hire "outside vendors" to further investigate the issue". "They can have the reins right now", he told the paper.

The consequences have been swift and fierce, and members of Tesla's board of directors are now reportedly seeking protection. Musk later explained that his claim was based on repeated and ongoing conversations with the Saudis and tweeted the names of financial and legal advisors he said he was working with on the proposal to take Tesla private. He also told the Times that Tesla board members had not complained to him about the go-private tweet.

But he said: 'If you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know.

By his own admission, this year has been "excruciating" for Elon Musk.

Tesla said it took the allegations that Hansen brought to the electric auto maker seriously and investigated.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has acknowledged exhaustion from overwork, as he deals with a reported probe by regulators into a plan divulged on Twitter to take his auto company Tesla private.

Musk has a reputation for being an eccentric visionary but his sudden announcement of a potential buyout raised a huge ruckus and pushed Tesla's shares up 11 per cent in a day.

The 47-year-old is facing mounting pressure and an SEC investigation over a tweet sent last week claiming to have "secured funding" to take Tesla private.

While Musk has described himself as "half Democrat, half Republican" in the past, critics said it was hypocritical of a green energy CEO to donate almost $40,000 to the GOP. They've fallen back but remain elevated.

Hansen also claims that Tesla did not disclose to investors that thieves stole US$37 million in copper and other raw materials during the first half of 2018, according to his attorney.

Experts say regulators likely are investigating if Musk was truthful in the tweet about having the financing set for the deal.

Taken unawares, the firm's board said this week that it has formed a special committee to consider going private.

Tesla declined to comment on the matter.

Some of Musk's stress comes from critical stock short-sellers who are betting against the company's success.

Meanwhile, Tesla has come under even more scrutiny after an employee fired from Tesla's Nevada battery factory filed a whistleblower complaint with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, accusing the company of spying on employees and failing to act after learning that a Mexican cartel may be dealing drugs inside the plant, his attorney said on Thursday. A couple of years ago, Tesla approached Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg about the job, Mr Musk told the newspaper, but added that no active search is taking place now "to the best of my knowledge".

The company could face sanctions if regulators find it did not accurately portray production delays to investors.

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