Afghanistan War Contractor: Pentagon Failing to Deliver for Trump

Lester Mason
August 18, 2018

President Trump is becoming frustrated with the USA strategy in Afghanistan and is considering privatizing the operations, according to a report.

"I know he's frustrated", Prince, a former Navy SEAL told NBC News.

Conversely, top USA military and national security officials fear Prince's proposal of using government contractors to engage in war is questionably unethical, if not merely risky to national security, according to the report.

Prince, the brother of education Secretary Betsy Devos, says after 17 years it's time to try something new in Afghanistan. It has raised ethical and security concerns among senior military officials, key lawmakers and members of Trump's national security team.

In an interview with NBC News, Prince said he thinks Trump's advisers are painting "as rosy a picture as they can" in the war effort while claiming that peace is near.

"No such proposal from Erik Prince is under consideration", the spokesman told the network.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council pushed back at the report, telling NBC News that the president is committed to the strategy he signed off on a year ago and that "no such proposal from Erik Prince is under consideration".

Officials say Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo say the oppose the idea. "However, he also recognizes that withdrawing precipitously from Afghanistan would lead to the re-emergence of terrorist safe havens, putting American national security and lives in danger".

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