Aussie teen sparks Federal Bureau of Investigation action after hacking Apple

Doris Richards
August 18, 2018

The Australian Federal Police executed a search warrant on the teen's home previous year and seized two Apple laptops, a mobile phone and a hard drive. His lawyer argued to keep many case details private because the teen is well-known in the hacking community, and publicising identifying information could put him at risk.

According to his lawyer, the teen broke into Apple's systems repeatedly because he was an ardent fan of the trillion-dollar company.

A schoolboy who "dreamed" of working for Apple hacked the firm's computer systems, Australian media has reported, although the tech giant said Friday no customer data was compromised.

The major global investigation was sparked when Apple contacted the FBI, who passed the allegations on to the AFP. The best part is that he stored it all in a folder called "hacky hack hack".

The Age said customer data had been accessed, and that the boy managed to obtain customers' authorised keys - their login access.

It's not clear how he was caught, but the kid allegedly bragged about what he'd done on WhatsApp. He accessed Apple's backend network multiple times over a year, only to prove that he could.

Well, we guess that's one way to get yourself noticed. Another Celebgate convict, Ryan Collins, chose to make his phishing messages look like they came from Apple or Google.

If so, there was apparently no word about it mentioned by the prosecutors. The teenager's defense lawyer mentioned that he had become very popular in the global hacking community and so revealing the details of this case to the public could end up exposing his identity. It's easy to see why: it could point to vulnerabilities that Apple is surely scampering to fix.

Business Insider has contacted Apple for comment.

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