'Grand Theft Auto Online' cheat seller stopped by federal judge

Doris Richards
August 18, 2018

Grand Theft Auto V's online mode has been plagued by cheaters so developer Rockstar Games' holding company Take-Two Interactive took one of the game's cheat distributors to court, effectively stopping him from selling cheats, Reuters reported Thursday.

It accused David Zipperer of selling the Menyoo and Absolute programs that help GTA V players cheat by giving them extra benefits and allowing the adjustment of other players' gameplay.

A court in the United States has blocked from sale two tools used primarily for cheating in GTA Online.

The two programs in question are called Menyoo and Absolute.

As per Reuters, Stanton said Take-Two was likely to show that Zipperer infringed its "Grand Theft Auto V" copyright.

The preliminary injunction prevents Zipperer from selling his software. Take-Two claim that these cheating tools had cost the company at least $500,000, not just from losing out on real-money purchases - if you can spawn any vehicle for free, why would you buy them? - but also due to the griefing cheaters caused for other players.

Take-Two suggested it had lost around $500,000 due to players using Zipperer's programs in the original filing, and U.S. District Judge Louis Stanton agreed, claiming that the publisher would nearly certainly show Zipperer infringed on the GTA trademark and harmed the company's sales and reputation.

Cheating appears to be a rampant issue in GTA Online as recent as this year, with multiple Reddit threads from March, April, and May of 2018 calling the game "unplayable" and users on GTAForums.com and Rockstar Support forums making similar complaints.

Take-Two said in a statement it will keep pursuing legal actions to avert "disruptions" to its multiplayer gaming community.

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