Mass overdose of marijuana sees 76 'bodies dropping' in park

Leslie Hanson
August 18, 2018

"The message has to be very clear to people that any time you are taking a synthetic drug, you have really no idea, as we've seen today, what you're taking and how that drug is going to affect you", Hartman told WTNH late Wednesday night.

A "mass overdose" appears to have taken place in a CT park today (Aug. 15), according to news reports.

As New Haven, Connecticut, Fire Chief John Alston Jr. spoke to reporters about a spate of drug overdoses on Wednesday, he heard shouting coming from behind him.

He said state health officials delivered 50 doses of naxolone to the city to help replenish its supply.

Eighteen people collapsed on Wednesday morning within a span of three-and-a-half hours, officials said.

Emergency responders treated most of the victims with naloxone, which reverses the effects of the drug.

The slew of overdoses comes as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a preliminary report on Wednesday on the record number of American drug deaths.

The victims ranged in age; however, many are part of the homeless population in the city, police said.

"Crews were having to run and then resuscitate, and they were having to transport faster than they might normally just to turn the cars around and get them back out", Bogucki said, WFSB-TV reported.

No one has died, but two individuals are considered to be in serious, life-threatening condition.

The latest incident in CT comes as new preliminary estimates on 2017 overdose deaths were released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"Do not come down to the Green and purchase this K2".

There have been mixed reports regarding the possibility that the drugs may have been laced with an opioid. Paramedics were stationed at the New Haven Green in CT, which borders part of Yale University.

"Synthetic cannabinoids act on the same brain cell receptors as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the mind-altering ingredient in marijuana".

However, initial tests have so far found the substance to be pure K2 with no additives, NBC quoted officials as saying.

"Throughout the day [Wednesday] it was extremely busy, we had six or seven people at the same time, kind of put a little bit of stress, not only on emergency services personnel, EMS personnel, but throughout the entire city", said Rick Fontana, New Haven Office of Emergency Operations.

Campbell also said two other people were arrested - one by New Haven police and one by federal authorities - but investigators were trying to determine whether they were connected to the overdoses.

What do the police say?

Police have arrested three people suspected of being responsible for an overdose outbreak at a New Haven, Connecticut park.

The names of the suspects haven't been released.

The DEA has also been called in to assist in the investigation. K2, also known as "spice", is frequently laced with other drugs and can result in seizures, psychosis, and even death.

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