Dramatic video shows Florida deputy saving girl trapped in hot vehicle

Lester Mason
August 20, 2018

Deputy Bill Dunn said he thought the 3-year-old girl was not alive after he discovered her inside the hot vehicle on June 17, according to Fox News.

Seminole County Deputy Bill Dunn, a father himself, discovered a three-year-old girl left inside an extremely hot vehicle.

The body camera footage shows Dunn running while holding the girl in his arms. Dunn said he rushed the girl to his cruiser and immediately turned on the air conditioning. "Felt the pulse on the child and didn't feel a pulse. Now that she has recovered, here's more on why children get left behind, and some simple ways to avoid a tragedy".

The deputy carried her to the trauma center and left after realizing there was not much else he could do.

At this time he saw no signs of life in the toddler.

"Once the cold air hit her, I started noticing her eyes fluttering", he recalled.

"I remember one thing distinctively was my hand on her chest and feeling her heart racing".

Investigators learned that Keller, 33, who had driven her three children to a liquor store on Saturday, forgot to bring her toddler from the auto when the family returned home past 11 p.m., the sheriff's office said. When the mother saw the child wasn't at home the next morning, she called 911 reporting her auto stolen. She has now been charged with child neglect.

"My baby's missing", Keller says in a 911 call obtained by ABC News. "She asked if that was mine, and I said, 'no, it's yours, '" he said.

The girl recovered from the frightful event, and Dunn was able to visit with her afterward.

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