Gmail Confidential Mode: How to use it on your smartphone

Doris Richards
August 20, 2018

Google's big Gmail redesign earlier this year added a handful of new features, including Confidential Mode. The "Confidential Mode" also enables a user to set an expiration date and 2FA passcode for the emails. In this mode, the recipient will not be able to forward the email to anyone else, copy the body of the email, or download the attachments.

The sender of a confidential email can also require recipients to enter a passcode (sent via SMS or email) to open the message.

You will then have to choose a passcode which can be an OTP on the recipient's phone number, or you can skip it. That is a very secure way to view an email, and you can definitely send sensitive and confidential material to others.

The new feature is available now, no need to update the Gmail app, as GSMArena notes. Basically, it lets you send self-destructive emails that will be deleted automatically in the said time. According to Gmail's official page, the feature is now rolling out to Gmail users on mobile.

The official Twitter account of Gmail has confirmed that the feature is indeed coming to mobile. In case they change their mind about wanting the recipient to see the message, access can be revoked.

Those sound pretty excellent security features, sure, but someone who needs that amount of protection probably won't use Gmail in the first place.

The Confidential Mode for Gmail on Android is similar to the one available on the web version. After that, tap on the three dot menu on the top-right of the screen, which will then show a "confidential mode" option.

Now you can compose the email and send it.

In Gmail Android and iOS applications, it works in the comparative way.

How to use Confidential Mode?

Gmail's confidential mode can be used to help protect sensitive information.

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