WhatsApp backups won't eat into your Google Drive space anymore

Doris Richards
August 20, 2018

Well it turns out Google and WhatsApp have been chatting behind the scenes and have reached an agreement. That means if you want to make sure your stuff doesn't get nuked from Google Drive, go ahead and back it up sooner rather than later.

Google alerted users in an email, saying this change is due to an agreement formed between it and WhatsApp. Google has informed this to Android smartphone owners by sending mail communications. Google did mention that any WhatsApp backups that have not been updated in more than a year will automatically be removed from storage.

This is very much useful for those whose WhatsApp backups are in GBs instead of MBs. With WhatsApp backups not counting against Google Drive storage quota, users will no longer have to worry about their free Google Drive storage (which is 15 GB for all by default) being eaten up by WhatsApp backups.

Google announced today that it will stop counting your WhatsApp backups on Google Drive against your storage quota.

According to the site, Google recommends manually backing up WhatsApp before the November 12 date. On Android, it uses Google Drive and on iOS devices, your WhatsApp history is backed up to iCloud. The new option, which is likely to ease the backup process especially if you instantly need to preserve your personal data, will be a part of a future Android update.

My backup now stands at 2.8GB, which is a substantial chunk of the 15GB allowance most people start off with.

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