Latest Gmail for Android update allows you to undo sending an email

Doris Richards
August 21, 2018

Google has added the Undo option to Gmail app for Android users with the latest update.

This allows Android users with the Gmail app to undo sent mails for a short time after clicking send. So if you notice something important is missing at the last minute, you have a few extra seconds to quickly reverse the message and fix things.

The desktop version of Gmail is able to undo sending an email. But the feature has not been available on Android until now.

The timing of the new undo is also up in the air.

Google has said before that Gmail to Gmail transactions can be undone nearly instantaneously while unsending from other clients may leave the email readable for a few minutes before it disappears, so take heed before you end up being a sloppy workaholic tonight or whatever the case may be.

You'll see the option to "Undo" your message once you've hit Send.

If you're familiar with how Inbox handles undoing sent emails, the implementation in Gmail is basically identical. For Gmail-to-Gmail emails, Google can pull them back. You'll also be dumped back at the composition screen for the undone draft. Messages to other email services reportedly experience a slight delay, which means you can stop the message from sending with the undo button if you change your mind.

It isn't clear exactly when it was introduced on Android - and whether it's specific to a certain version of the app, or has been made available via a server-side change.

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