Logitech's MX Vertical is a freaky-looking first for the company

Doris Richards
August 21, 2018

Dealing with that sort of thing is not fun.

Logitech is releasing a vertically positioned mouse in their MX series, with an angle of 57 degrees it is created to relieve stress on the wrist of the user.

The MX Vertical ($99, arriving in September), as its name implies, turns the productivity mouse on its side, so you can hold it at an angle that's more natural for your hand, and healthier for your joints. Logitech was inspired by statistics shared by Forrester, which notes that over half (57 percent) of computer users experience pain and discomfort when using their PC, and 12 percent are uncomfortable on a daily basis.

Available in any color you want, so long as that color is black, the MX Vertical has been created to eliminate wrist pain by enabling you to use it with what Logitech says is "a natural handshake position".

"Those of us who use computers on a regular basis need a credible solution that allows us to stay focused on our work, rather than distracted by any sort of pain. That's why we decided to make our first, vertical ergonomic mouse solution", Logitech explains.

The MX Vertical seems like a good choice if you're looking for an ergonomic mouse, but it's going to cost you.

Beyond the ergonomics, the MX Vertical sports a 4,000 DPI sensor that is adjustable down to 400 DPI, in 50 DPI increments. That design purports to reduce muscle strain by 10% relative to the average rodent. There are two customizable buttons on the mouse's left-hand side, and a button along the top ridge to mess with sensitivity on the fly. There are a few different ways it can be used too; a USB-C cable is included which lets you use the mouse or charge it up, and there's also a USB unifying receiver which would allow you to use the mouse wirelessly. The MX Vertical will set you back £92.99 ($99.99 in the U.S. - that's about AU$135) and will go on sale in September, although you can pre-order the device direct from Logitech from today.

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