OnePlus 6T: Leaks, Release Date, Price & Specs

Doris Richards
August 21, 2018

Notably, OnePlus has been following the two smartphone launch pattern every year since 2016. While the unveiling of the successor to OnePlus 6 is not far off, a new report has provided more details on the upcoming smartphone.

The report by CNET claims that OnePlus is working with T-Mobile to bring the OnePlus 6T to the US - a deal that would be the first in the country to involve OnePlus. However, like we've seen before, the 6T will get a price hike and come valued at about $550, which would be about $20 more than the base model of the current OnePlus 6.

ZTE, whose devices have been available through AT&T and Sprint, was the fourth largest smartphone vendor in the USA until the Trump administration announced it was punishing the Chinese company earlier this year. However, an exclusive deal with T-Mobile should definitely help OnePlus get more attention from buyers in the USA who aren't "tech savvy", thus increasing the sales volume. Of course, the non-T-Mobile version of the handset will still work on T-Mobile and AT&T networks but the carrier specific one should offer a better signal. This means the smartphone will support the telecom operator's 600MHz band.

Apparently, OnePlus has signed an exclusive deal with USA carrier T-Mobile, which means OnePlus 6T will the first smartphone from the Chinese company to be sold by a U.S. based network carrier.

Currently, OnePlus is going through the process of getting "technical approval" for use on the network from the carrier. The only issue with the U.S. launch could come from the testing required by T-Mobile to get certification on the network.

Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus has been launching two phones a year right since 2016. Unfortunately, not much information about OnePlus 6T's specifications and features are available.

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