Democrats continue to stall on Kavanaugh, but Grassley pushes forward

Angelo Anderson
August 22, 2018

Kavanaugh goes on to answer the question with a resounding no.

In the weeks before Kavanaugh's memo, Clinton attempted to avoid or limit Starr's questioning - just as Trump is trying to do in Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. He has lied to the American people.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California said holding the hearing before the documents were fully available 'is not only unprecedented but a new low in Republican efforts to stack the courts'.

Kavanaugh wanted colleagues preparing to interview Clinton to ask about such details as oral sex in the Oval Office, vaginal stimulation, masturbation and phone sex, all as a way of determining if the president would deny what Lewinsky had told investigators.

Kavanaugh asked in an August 31, 1998, memo to other lawyers in the Office of Independent Counsel, run by Starr.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer has said Trump picked Kavanaugh because he knows he would be "a barrier" to prevent special counsel Robert Mueller from subpoenaing the president. Kavanaugh wrote at the time that while he was "mindful of the need for respect for the Office of the President", it was the counsel's duty to gather the facts or face being charged with conspiring "to hide the true nature" of what happened.

This is despite the fact that Grassley's team has compiled "over 4,800 pages of judicial opinions Judge Kavanaugh wrote, over 6,400 pages of opinions he joined, more than 125,000 pages of records produced from his White House legal service, and over 17,000 pages in response to the most comprehensive questionnaire ever submitted to a nominee", according to Grassley. It was no less, he said, than a "sustained propaganda campaign that would make Nixon blush". During his lawsuit testimony, Clinton swore that he had not had sexual relations with Lewinsky.

"If Monica Lewinsky says that you ejaculated into her mouth on two occasions in the Oval Office area, would she be lying?"

'If the person being deposed touched the genitalia of another person, would that be - and with the intent to arouse the sexual desire, arouse or gratify, as defined in definition (1), would that be, under your understanding then and now -' Clinton was asked. Nine of them began, "If Monica Lewinsky says", and all of them ended with, "would she be lying?"

"So I think the Kavanaugh pick, it plays into it, but I think the package itself if much more powerful than any individual one issue".

"I personally regret how that report was released because I think it was - parts of it that were released were unnecessary to be in the public domain", Kavanaugh said. He said Congress should consider doing the same with "respect to criminal investigations and prosecutions of the President".

"Like many Americans at that time, I believed that the President should be required to shoulder the same obligations that we all carry", he wrote. Bush's lawyers have been turning documents over directly to the committee.

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