Jamie Oliver accused of 'Jamaican appropriation' over 'jerk rice' dish

Angelo Anderson
August 22, 2018

Labour MP and shadow secretary of state for women and equalities, Dawn Butler, said: "I'm just wondering do you know what Jamaican jerk actually is?"

For starters, "jerk" usually consists of some mixture of "allspice, scotch bonnet chillies, thyme, soy sauce, ginger, lime, garlic, onions and sugar", reports the BBC, combining sweet, savory, spicy, and earthy flavors into a rub used on grilled meat, like chicken (or, rarely, pork). Oliver's jerk rice uses mixed garlic, ginger, and jalapeños to create what he is promoting as an authentic jerk taste.

Appearing on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Monday, Roots said: "I do think it was a mistake by Jamie - either by him or by his team. Maybe he wasn't actually involved in this", stated Roots of Oliver's erroneous recipe.

The Jamaican-born chef added that he had already shown Oliver how to make "the real deal" jerk chicken during a segment for Oliver's YouTube channel filmed several years ago.

He agreed with presenter Kate Garraway's suggestion that the culinary controversy centered around what ingredients the jerk flavour should contain.

Critics have accused Oliver of cultural appropriation and highlighted the inauthenticity of his latest food product.

The rice is a convenience meal that you're meant to put into the microwave for one minute and then it's ready to serve.

"It's bringing more visibility to Caribbean food".

Representatives of the TV chef were last night contacted for a comment. "That's really far from jerk".

To which the caller responded: "White people would not buy it".

The TV chef has launched the new microwaveable rice with a Caribbean theme, but it has been criticised for not containing the base ingredients for jerk seasoning with fellow TV chef Rustie Lee saying there's no such thing as jerk rice in Caribbean cooking.

"It's an insult because jerk is from the Caribbean and as much as I love Jamie, the point is it's getting onto a bandwagon to say its Caribbean, it's taken away from us".

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