Pediatricians say all children should receive flu shot ASAP

Leslie Hanson
September 6, 2018

No. "There is no evidence that administering the influenza vaccine early in the season increases the risk of infection for children", the academy said. It furthermore emphasizes that the shot is most neatly-liked over the nasal mist.

Fauci told WTOP that data from years ago show that the flu mist was not as effective at protecting against the H1N1 strain of the flu.

All children six months and older should get the inactivated or the recombinant flu vaccine shot.

CDC recommends getting the vaccine in the form of a nasal spray or shot. Parents who are uncertain about which is best for their children should talk it over with their doctors, she added.

In the last flu season, 179 children died, while thousands more were hospitalized with flu-related illness.

While it's hard to predict the severity of a flu season, Fauci said Australia just wrapped up a mild flu season, "so we're hoping for the best this year". The 2017-18 flu season ranked amongst the most extreme on file, with the exception of for pandemics.

Officials in Mecklenburg County said last year's flu season was the worst they'd seen in at least a decade. "But I wouldn't let that stop people from going ahead and getting the vaccine now", says Carter. Taking a peep at Australia this present day, the flu season there's "customarily lighter than frequent."That doesn't imply we'll in fact parallel Australia". Aloof, he cautioned, "their season is no longer fully over yet".

"One of the most important things about flu that we all have learned through experience is that it is generally unpredictable", Fauci said. "That's the nature of flu".

While millions of influenza vaccines have already been released to nurses, doctors, and pharmacists, one vaccine has yet to be released by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Experts also recommend pregnant women get a flu shot because they can pass some protection onto their newborn.

"If you're anxious, just bring them in, let me listen to the hearts and lungs and make sure there's no superinfection", said Dr. Shilpa Patel, a pediatrician. Vaccination also is safe during breastfeeding for mothers and their infants.

The importance of vaccines is underscored by a recent measles outbreak that has affected more than 100 people in 21 states; measles is easily prevented with a vaccine the CDC recommends for all children. "It's likely to be an iterative process where we do better each season by getting broader coverage and more potent coverage of influenza".

With internet tools and big data technology used to analyze activity on DXY's medical academic and patient education platforms, the center aims to make surveillance of influenza more timely, comprehensive and accurate as a complement to the national infectious disease surveillance system, said Li Tiantian, founder of DXY. That's no longer the case with flu.

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