The Organ Donation Call That Left Darren In Stitches

Leslie Hanson
September 10, 2018

If more people agreed to donate, more lives would be saved in West Sussex and around the country.

To mark the national campaign spreading the message Words Saves Lives, the NHS is making an urgent appeal for families to tell their loved ones they want to save lives through organ donation.

Although more people are supporting donation than ever, one in three families still decline to donate.

Only 27% of the people who joined the United Kingdom register previous year were over 50, but 72% of people whose organs could potentially be used after their deaths are aged 50 or over.

It said the ageing population, and improvements in trauma care and public safety, are likely to be contributing to the rise in the lung transplant waiting list, by changing the profile of donors.

But it said family refusal remains the biggest barrier to all forms of organ donation and transplantation.

Tonight Leeds City Council will light up the Town Hall and Civic Hall in pink to support Organ Donation Week.

Families in Barnsley are being encouraged to talk about organ donation this month as part of Organ Donation Week, running from September 3 to 9.


A campaign spokesperson said: "Be A Hero Day aims to put organ donation on the agenda and inspire as many Yorkshire residents as possible to consider and speak to family members about their organ donation wishes to lead to more transplants in the region".

"The harsh fact is people are dying right now waiting for an organ".

"If you die without registering to donate your organs, we would need to ask your next of kin to make the decision for you".

"I do understand why people are a bit amusing about it but you have to think about it basically and think what use are they when you're not alive and there's always a lot of ill people out there who need transplants". Don't leave your family guessing what you would have wanted to happen.

Millions of people are already on the NHS Organ Donor Register, join them today and tell your family you want to save lives. Only a small percentage of people die in circumstances where they can donate, so every donor is precious.

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