Abortion rights backers send Collins 3,000 coat hangers over Kavanaugh vote

Lester Mason
September 11, 2018

Liberals who oppose Mr Kavanaugh's nomination have raised $900,000 (£690,000) for Senator Collins' opponent's campaign in the 2020 election, in a bid to pressurise her to vote against the nomination.

Activists in ME send messages to Susan Collins. Both Collins and Murkowski will probably have to vote "no" for Kavanaugh to be blocked. Ms. Collins would next be up for re-election in November 2020. Nonetheless, she signaled that Kavanaugh had cleared one hurdle by telling her he considered Roe v Wade settled law. However, she also said she believes Kavanaugh will uphold abortion rights, because he told her it was "settled law". Many fear that, if confirmed, Kavanaugh would work to overturn the established court case.

"Saying a case is settled law is not the same thing as saying a case was correctly decided". So what? The supreme court can unsettle it tomorrow.

The pressure on Collins and Murkowski is accordingly intense, with liberal groups running TV ads encouraging them to reject the nomination.

Collins and Republican Sen.

In an interview with the right-leaning news site Newsmax on Monday, Collins said that entire campaign was tantamount to a "bribe", and that she would not allow it to shape her decision.

If Collins decides to vote no on Kavanaugh's confirmation, none of the 36,313 pledges will be charged to the credit or debit cards used to donate to the cause, and all of the money will be returned to the accounts who donated.

"Basically, she's still vetting the new information that's coming out", said her spokeswoman, Hannah Ray.

"You have the chance to stand up for the people of ME - and for the entire country - by rejecting this Supreme Court nominee", the fundraising site reads.

Last month, Collins voted to preserve funding for Planned Parenthood - a day after the organization rallied in Washington to encourage her to vote against Kavanaugh.

In order to influence Collins' vote, political action committees Maine People's Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership have joined forces with Ady Barkan, a dying father who has advocated tirelessly for health care reform, in order to crowdfund a campaign to influence her.

"I've learned not to expect a "thank you", she said.

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