When Trump added an extra zero in his GDP tweet

Lloyd Doyle
September 11, 2018

"It was 100% my fault and I apologized immediately", Hassett said, hand over his heart.

Kevin Hassett, chairperson of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, acknowledged the claim was wrong after media organisations including Bloomberg News published historical data showing the benchmark had been passed many times since 1948. "It's the highest in 10 years".

If this statistic seems dubious, that is because it is categorically false; there have actually been 63 fiscal quarters across the past 60 years in which the unemployment rate was lower than the rate of growth for the gross domestic product, or GDP.

President Donald Trump posted to Instagram a new video trolling former President Barack Obama on the booming economy under the Trump administration.

"Donald Trump, despite his inauguration speech talking about doom and gloom, he inherited a quite healthy economy and President Obama should take credit for that", he told "Rising" co-host Krystal Ball.

Asked about the veracity of the statement later that day at a White House press briefing, Hassett said: "So I can tell you what is true". He said the "100 years" statement was a mistake Hassett himself could not explain.

"The economic boom continues; it's the biggest story of 2018", White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, said in a video clip. He inherited a dismal economy in the middle of a recession that lasted 18 months, facing what many feared would be a depression, and was able to turn it around in the first years of his presidency.

And while President Trump lying is a daily event, Fox News correcting or chastising him for lying is rare.

But as he answered a question from a reporter about Trump's tweet, he also bashfully recalled an earlier incident when he gave Sanders a "bad number".

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