Fenella Fielding: Life and career in pictures

Angelo Anderson
September 12, 2018

They will be thinking, of course, of that defining role in Carry on Screaming!, one of the best of the film comedy series, which pastiched Hammer horrors and saw Fielding, who has died at the age of 90 following a stroke, win many male admirers for her vampish Valeria, purring seductively at Harry H Corbett's dim-witted plod.

Fielding was born in London to a Lithuanian father and a Romanian mother.

In her time on the stage, Fielding - she changed her name to help launch her career - worked alongside the likes of Ian McKellen and Kennth Williams. Since her stroke on 25th August, Fenella has been in hospital where she remained calm, comfortable and divine throughout, ' a statement shared on her Twitter page, and written by Fenella's biographer and friend, Simon McKay, read. And always wearing her eyelashes.

Fielding is survived by her older brother and former Conservative member of the House of Lords Basil Feldman, who she was close to despite leaning more towards the left when it came to politics.

Screen-wise, she found some success, scoring guest roles in shows such as The Avengers (having lost one of the lead credits to Honor Blackman), The Prisoner (she was the uncredited voice of the village) and starred in her own series, Izeena.

Among those paying tribute tonight were Elstree Studios boss Morris Bright, who tweeted the anecdote that she asked Williams on the set of Carry On Screaming: 'Why is your bum so hard Kenny, do you leave it out at night?'

The latter movie was the inspiration for her 2017 memoir Do You Mind If I Smoke?, which was named after a famous line from the film.

In an interview with The Guardian a year ago she complained about being typecast, saying; 'There are always people who don't think you should be able to climb out of your cave'. If you don't take a lot of trouble, you get stuck like that.

"I've managed to get away from that, time and time again". "It's been an incredibly sad time, but also life affirming to see her pass with the great dignity she deserved". She did just that.

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