Fortnite patch notes have bad news for Drum Gun fans

Doris Richards
September 12, 2018

As of the v5.40 content update, the contentious weapon has been vaulted. It's not yet clear if the update requires any downtime.

The update also brings many bug fixes for the Getaway limited-time game mode. This weapon rewards precision, allowing players to line up headshots without compromising their positions.

The Suppressed Assault Rifle drops in epic and legendary variants, so you probably won't encounter it all that often.

Season 5 of Fortnite is drawing to a close very soon, but before this season officially wraps up, developer Epic has some new content in store for the popular battle royale game. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but for now, be sure to read through Epic's full patch notes to see all of the miscellaneous changes in this week's update.

The gun can do 33-34 damage for each shot and can give good precision shots if players don't shoot to quickly.

I woke up to an exasperated cry of joy this morning as all the Fortnite players in the world simultaneously celebrated the removal of the drum gun from play. The jewel will no longer appear in the inventory hotbar after being put in the downed state.

The back of the game's box also references the inclusion of loot chests and a special dice that lets you complete certain actions like picking up health packs, building walls, and hurting your opponents. Downtime for that patch is scheduled to begin tonight, September 10, at 11 PM PT (2 AM ET / 7 AM BST on September 11).

For all of the other changes, which may be minor but are still appreciated, head on over to Epic Games' official post here.

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