Google Releases Improved USB-C Headphone Adapter, Raises Price

Doris Richards
September 12, 2018

The new USB-C headphone adapter costs $12, which is up from the $9 previous model, but still way cheaper than the original $20 price Google tried to sell it at.

Google's upgraded in-house dongle has been discreetly made available in the USA at a $12 price.

Google has released a new and improved headphone jack adapter for the Google Pixel 2 family, offering a better experience for connecting your standard headphones to the Pixel's only USB-C port. Feel free to go ahead and get those eye rolls out of the way. Arriving at $12, it is a little unsettling to see Google going the route of Apple and charging more for accessories, but the extra battery life might make up for the extra $3 compared to the previous version. It's also ever-so-slightly smaller than the 2017 adapter, measuring in at 3.67 in. long, 0.46 in. wide, and 0.3 in. tall, and weighing just 0.17g.

Of course, the search giant is trying to justify the premium by claiming the new adapter provides "38% more playback time and has a 53% improvement on plug-in latency than previously available Pixel 2 headphone adapter". That's obviously not a big change, and one that most people probably won't notice, but it's definitely there.

The listing specifically calls out the Pixel when addressing the new dongle's improved listening time and snappier response.

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