Norm MacDonald's Appearance On The Tonight Show Cancelled Due To Controversial Comments

Angelo Anderson
September 12, 2018

"Saturday Night Live" alum Norm Macdonald saw his scheduled Tuesday night appearance on "The Tonight Show" canceled after he made some controversial remarks in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

"I think they could get through the trauma if they were paid $200 and could buy some nice shoes", Macdonald told USA Today in an interview published Wednesday.

'And then you're like, 'What?' Like, that Chris Hardwick guy I really thought got the blunt end of the stick there, ' he continued.

Visiting Howard Stern's radio show the morning after his canceled Tuesday "Tonight Show" drop-by, Macdonald said that he had arrived early at the late-night show to pre-tape a "True Confessions" segment with fellow guest Matthew McConaughey when "some people, from NBC or 'The Tonight Show, ' I don't know who they were", stopped by his dressing room and questioned the prudence of doing that particular bit at this time.

What about when someone admits to wrongdoing? And so the only way to survive is to deny, deny, deny. "That's my guess. I know a couple of people this has happened to".

Norm even set up a conversation between Roseanne and Louis after they both had gigs canceled - Barr had her show axed by ABC in the wake of racist comments and C.K. was dropped by Netflix and FX following sexual misconduct.

While discussing the #MeToo movement, Macdonald brought up Louis C.K. and Roseanne, both of whom are attempting to re-enter the industry despite widespread resistance.

Macdonald later tweeted an apology and said he would never "defend their actions".

"If my words sounded like I was minimizing the pain that their victims feel to this day, I am deeply sorry", he said.

Well, Louis [C.K.] and Roseanne [Barr] are the two people I know.

Norm Macdonald's new show Norm MacDonald Has a Show hasn't even come out yet, and he's already facing major backlash.

'But she was just so broken and just crying constantly. "The victims didn't have to go through that". "All their work in their entire life being wiped out in a single day, a moment". However, NBC still released a statement to say he wouldn't be appearing on the show.

The comedian was nearly instantly excoriated, his interview becoming a trending moment on Twitter. His recurring interplay with then-candidate Donald Trump (and the now-infamous hair tussle) was seen by critics as normalizing a wildly extreme candidate who had - amongst other things - already called for banning Muslims from entering the United States.

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