Popular Mac apps caught stealing and sharing users’ browser history

Doris Richards
September 12, 2018

The well-known security app, of course, Adware Doctor is one of the most widely used and well-known security applications on macOS, dedicated to detecting and eliminating malware and other security issues.

Still, as Wardle explained, the fact that both applications were signed off by Trend Micro and approved for the App Store by Apple should give users reason to be cautious when looking to get new software from even the Cupertino-sanctioned official portal and trusting Apple's own security protections which were in this case circumvented.

A similar situation happened in the then Windows-Store with Torrenty, an app which would install adware once downloaded, It slipped past app store verification but was struck down once media reports brought it under scrutiny.

Popular applications including Dr. Unarchiver, Dr.

A handful of apps on the Mac App Store may be gathering and uploading your data, including your browser history. The apps also gathered data on other apps installed on the system too.

The company notes that it disclosed this data collection in its end-user license agreements and that browser history data was uploaded to a United States server hosted by Amazon Web Services and managed by Trend Micro.

Based on its listing on the online store, the app was listed as the store's No. 1 paid utility and the fourth-highest "Top Paid" software programs overall, just behind Final Cut Pro, Magnet and Logic Pro X.

We all know very well that the tech giant Apple is known for making very rigorous examinations of applications it places in the apps stores of its operating systems. In its apology update, the company also states it permanently dumped all legacy logs stored on the AWS server and identified common code libraries to be, what it believes, "a core issue" of this problem.

When the discovery of its sneaky data collection made news, the server collecting the data was reportedly turned offline. Once Apple was informed of this, the developer simply changed the name to Adware Doctor. It's for a anyone using their iPad or iPhone to access the Internet via public Wi-Fi. If more apps are found to be covertly gathering user data, however, this reputation could be at risk. Here are some key ways it could be killer on the next iPhone (and iPad).

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