Tor web browser debuts on Android

Doris Richards
September 12, 2018

Privacy is considered by nearly all of the people using the vast internet.

Zerodium, an exploit vendor that buys and sells exploits for software, has announced on Twitter that Tor 7.x isn't safe and that a bug can bypass a user's security level choice, effectively allowing all browsers to be affected by JavaScript exploits. The team behind the Tor Browser intends to eventually build the Proxy component combined into the browser app for Android, likely by the time it hits their first full release version.

Several Tor-releases ago, the project made a decision to add a security slider in order to make browsing sessions more secure for users by disabling several features including JavaScript, the slider interacts with NoScript in order to disable things like JavaScript. Currently, the Tor Browser requires the installation of Orbot, a proxy application which connects the browser to the Tor network.

PCMag briefly tried the Android version, and it offers a pretty similar experience to Tor for desktop.

Note that this is the alpha release, and a stable version is due to become available in early 2019. The long wait will be worth it, for a free and high privacy-focused browser, at the reach of our hands. It's slated to get an official launch next year, but you can kick the tires on it right now by grabbing the alpha from Google Play.

Tor Browser isolates each website you visit so third-party trackers and ads can't follow you. Potentially lots of them and there is (for anyone familiar with the browser) missing functionality as well, but well worth a look if you like to tinker and try new things out. Cookies too get cleared automatically the moment users are finished browsing a site while those out to monitor someone's online activities will only get to know a Tor browser is being used.

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