Umpires reportedly considering Boycott of Serena Williams Matches

Angelo Anderson
September 12, 2018

The story said that among the measures being discussed was a refusal to chair contests involving Williams unless she apologized to Ramos, though it did not suggest that this was likely.

Williams was fined $17,000 Sunday by the tournament referee's office for her coaching, racket destruction and verbal abuse infractions.

In the final match, Serena Williams and Japan's Naomi Osaka faced off.

Fellow umpires don't want to be the next Carlos Ramos.

"There is a lot of unhappiness in the umpiring community because no one is standing up for officials", the anonymous senior umpire told the Guardian. "They've lost their safety factor of knowing that these governing bodies will support them".

Williams accused Ramos of sexism after the match and pointed out that male players have been more aggressive verbally with umpires than she was, but had been not been penalized the same way. "But I'm going to continue to fight for women".

Umpire Christian Rask was also criticised after he gave Frenchwoman Alize Cornet a code violation for removing her shirt on court after she realised she had put it on back-to-front in the locker room during a mid-match heat break. The ITF said that Ramos had been "in accordance with the relevant rules " and "acted at all times with professionalism and integrity".

"This has been a bit of a watershed moment in the history of professional officiating", he told CNN.

"But in this particular case, Carlos Ramos was doing his job".

"The umpiring fraternity is thoroughly disturbed at being abandoned by the WTA", retired umpire Richard Ings told ESPN. If it happened in the men's match, it would not happen again.

"Make your point, shout, and scream, whatever and get the code violation but then know when to stop and get on with it. The incidents on the court are not the issue", he added. The character was the biggest issue here, this is a human being you're talking to.

For the first time since the match, Ramos has spoken up, telling Tribuna Expresso in his native Portugal that "I'm fine, given the circumstances".

"It's a delicate situation, but umpiring "a la carte" doesn't exist. Do not worry about me".

He is expected to be on duty as planned for this week's Davis Cup semi-final in Zadar where Croatia are hosting the United States.

That has led to several umpires privately pushing for an officials' union, an idea that has floated around on and off for years, as a matter of urgency.

If the contract goes through, this would be the biggest deal the sportswear giant has ever given to a female tennis player and it could propel Osaka up the ranks on Forbes' 2018 list of highest paid female athletes, which Williams now leads.

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