Apple’s iPhone event: What to expect

Doris Richards
September 14, 2018

So, what will be the name of the new iPhones to be launched on September 12?

Accordingly, the 6.1-inch version among the new Apple smartphones will not be called iPhone XS Light, but iPhone XC.

Every new Apple Watch is usually accompanied by a range of new digital watch faces and straps, and the same is expected to be true this time around.

Last year, Apple previewed a charging mat called AirPower, but never mentioned it again. The pre-order will probably begin in the USA on September 14 at midnight.

Now, here's where we'll get to answer our question above: if the 256GB iPhone X is at Dh4,965.50, then - yes - the 512GB is a sure-fire above-Dh5,000 device.

Price wise, there are rumblings that Apple is planning to aggressively price its 6.1-inch iPhone model as a means to combat longer upgrade cycles. In fact, we have already seen a gold iPhone in 2018 - the iPhone X that was believed to be canceled prior to the launch of iPhone past year. But, that gave us a fair idea of what an iPhone in gold color would look like. Over the past few weeks ago, we've seen reports claiming that the device will be available in 5 colors, with some of the possible options being white, black, yellow, red, bright orange, electric blue, gold, and even in pink. But other than that, there may not be many differences in look between the current iPhone X and the upcoming iPhone XS, at least at the first glance. What's more, the 6.1-inch model will reportedly not include support for 3D Touch and will feature an aluminum frame as opposed to stainless steel.

The biggest changes to Apple's premium iPhone models could very well focus on camera technology. There's also a possibility, however slight, that Apple may simply call it the iPhone 9. Therefore, it won't be much bigger than the iPhone 8. So, it may be only 0.2 inches thicker than the iPhone 8 Plus. Another rumor puts its size at 157.2 x 77.1 mm.

"Depending on the price point, the launch of the XC could also see Apple making serious moves in the mobile mid-tier as it hopes to regain ground from more competitively priced rivals". But at present, we don't have the details. Everything we've seen and heard up to now suggests that Apple will uncover three new iPhone models this week, as well as a new Apple Watch and possibly several more hardware surprises as well.

Here's what to expect from Wednesday's event. As per the latest reports, to get the Apple's new fast charger, you might have to buy a new iPhone. Per reports, both devices will boast 4GB of RAM, a nice bump from the 3GB of RAM on last year's models. What are your thoughts on the new iPhone XC and iPhone XS Plus names?

The new iPhones are also expected to come with a dual SIM card slot. The new models will probably still work with existing accessories. Apple may finally announce when the gadget will hit stores.

On Tuesday, September 18, we may expect iOS to be launched on older iPhones.

iPhone nomenclature aside, what really matters is what Apple's next-gen iPhone lineup will bring to the table in terms of overall performance and price. Let us know in the comments.

September is now the traditional time for iPhone updates, and this year will be no different. China Telecom, the Chinese state-owned telecommunication company, recently posted on their Facebook page an image, which depicted the 2018 iPhone to have a double SIM tray.

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