Final Fantasy Is Being Well Represented On Switch

Doris Richards
September 14, 2018

Square Enix and Microsoft have announced that six new titles in the fantastic Final Fantasy franchise are finally making their way to Xbox One. It will be joined by the spinoff games World of Final Fantasy: Maxima on November 8 and Chocobo's Mystery Dungeon: Everybuddy! this winter. This is the first time any of these games are being released on a Nintendo system. Six titles were under the spotlight in the news with one of those already being available as FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION HD released for the Xbox One last week.

That's a lot of Final Fantasy, but I know what you're thinking: Where's VIII? The 2018 versions are designed specifically to go with all those NES games you'll be able to play when Switch Online debuts, and they'll even slot into the Switch's existing Joy-Con sockets when not in use. This not only includes the legendary Final Fantasy VII but IX, XII and X/X2 HD. However, it's worth pointing out that the enhanced version of Final Fantasy 8 has yet to make it to the PS4 either, so perhaps Square Enix is planning on bringing it there before it releases it for the Switch. The game will have a new "avatar change" feature that allows the player to become classic Final Fantasy characters. Just one buddy at a time, though.

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