Watch BMW's self-riding motorcycle in action

Lloyd Doyle
September 14, 2018

This week BMW Motorrad - the motorcycle division of the German auto company - showed a prototype driverless bike on a test track accelerating, navigating curves, and braking all on its own.

Not only Yamaha but BMW has also been working on autonomous motorcycle technology for the last few years. The bike can not self-start yet and needs someone to balance it and send it off its way. Once the bike is in motion, it can manage its throttle, clutch, gear, and brakes. The bike is capable of reading its track ahead of it and can steer its way around as well. This will help them understand what kind of safety measures they should adopt for the future bikes.

"The aim of the prototype is to gather additional knowledge with regards driving dynamics in order to detect unsafe situations early on and thus support the driver with appropriate safety systems while turning at intersections or when braking suddenly, for example", BMW Motorrad says. But the even more impressive feat can be seen when the integrated side stands automatically gets deployed when the motorcycle comes to a halt. The bike could inform the driver, display warnings, or perhaps one day even intervene directly to keep the rider safe in a situation.

The autonomous motorcycle prototype will be used to gather data to improve riding safety and comfort. Instead, as with the original concept, the ambition is to make cycling "more comfortable and increase the riding pleasure".

The motorcycle uses similar technologies to those already featured in vehicles such as the 7-Series and 5-Series sedans, utilising high-definition cameras and radar sensors to read its surroundings. The KTM system has also begun testing a bit of gentle automatic braking system.

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