What you need to know about the new YouTube Kids parental controls

Doris Richards
September 14, 2018

These features definitely make us more inclined to allow our kids back on the app, as like many parents out there, we've been limiting their use of it, as well as their main YouTube app. YouTube also urges parents to block and flag inappropriate content that might have seeped past YouTube Kids' filters. Android users around the world can handpick every video or channel their child is allowed to view through the YouTube Kids app (this ability is forthcoming soon to users on iOS devices). The approved-only content setting will disable search for the kid, with the onus on the parent to seek suitable content and add it to the account (see above GIF). It's now limited to Android, but will arrive on iOS some time "soon", YouTube said. To make things much easier, you can choose entire channels, collections or videos belonging to a certain creator by tapping the "+" button. To enable it just open settings, go to your child's profile, and under "content level" select "older". Parents can change between "younger", "older", and "approved content only" at any time. YouTube has started to roll out the new "Older" experience in the United States, and will soon expand it worldwide. This is the second addition to the app, which is aimed at kids 8-12 years old, allowing them to expand their viewing habits while remaining "safe".

"We work hard to make videos in the app family friendly, but no system is ideal. It's always possible that a parent may find something they don't want their child to watch in the "Younger" or "Older" experiences", said James Beser, Product Director, YouTube Kids, in a blog post.

Parents can also include playlists curated by trusted partners, such as PBS Kids, Sesame Street, and humans on the YouTube Kids team (not an algorithm!). "As we continue to receive feedback from parents and turn that feedback into improvements to the YouTube Kids app, we hope that all families and kids can create the experience they want!"

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