Get the most out of your workouts with these new Polar watches

Leslie Hanson
September 15, 2018

Professional athletes, as well as those training like pros, can get pretty much everything they need from the $549 and up Polar Vantage V, including something called Recovery Pro, which monitors the balance between training and recovery to recommend different types of workouts at different stages in a user's preparation towards achieving various goals.

These two new Polar multisport Global Positioning System watches are focused on accurate heart rate measurements from the wrist, smart coaching, and support for all the sports you may participate in throughout the year. Running power should be a better measure of effort than pace or even heart rate, making it especially useful in races - stick to the right running power to pace your run and you might never blow up two kilometres from the end again. The Polar Vantage watches both have over 130 sports modes, including swimming and a dedicated multisport option for triathletes. This is exactly what I have been looking for as I prefer buttons when training, but also like the ease of a touchscreen for simple watch functions. The watches also offer battery life of up to 40 hours or training time, new training load and recovery features and the ability to calculate running power with no additional sensors.

The Vantage M will run you $280, while the Vantage V is a larger chunk of change at $500.

The Polar Flow for Coach feature, meanwhile, provides coaches with access to athlete data and enables the wearer to follow trainings on the watch. There's also a Vantage V bundle that includes the Polar H10 chest strap, which is available for £479.

The two watches also tout more more accurate heart rate monitoring that uses multi-layer optical sensing, electrodes and accelerometers to get both faster and more accurate heartbeat readings. The battery is advertised to last up to 30 hours on the Vantage M.

But, of course, not every user needs to dabble with high-end features, which is where the Vantage M (shown above) comes in. The two wearables also ship with an improved Polar Flow for Coach app that now offers seasonal training calendars and better performance.

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