China reports new African swine fever cases

Leslie Hanson
September 16, 2018

The spread of the virus has already led to the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of pigs in Eastern Europe, while in China, the world's biggest pork producer, a series of cases since August has led to measures including a ban on transporting animals and feeding food waste to pigs in affected provinces.

Denmark announced plans to build a fence along its border with Germany to keep ASF out, despite its southern neighbor not recording any cases so far. The AFSCA and the SPW on Thursday in a joint statement said, "The fight against the disease is not a public health issue but rather it is a challenge for animal health and economic sustainability".

Minister Stéphane Travert called for zoning measures, restrictions of activities like hunting and enhanced surveillance of livestock and wildlife in Belgium to prevent the spread of the disease.

The virus can be transmitted easily from one animal to another, either through close contacts between individuals or by contaminated equipment such as vehicles or boots.

"The latest contaminations in Europe could be the outcome of introducing leftover food left behind by travelers from infected areas". "Biosecurity in pig farms is essential and the FASFC ensures that it is permanently properly insured".

"This health alert of maximum level, requires a collective mobilisation, particularly of breeders and hunters, to prevent the introduction or spread of this disease on our territory", he said. "The different levels of power will continue to work closely together to maximize the effectiveness of prevention and control measures".

Danish Environment and Food Minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen has said in a statement earlier, "In case of an outbreak of African swine fever, the export to non-EU countries will shut down".

The department stressed that the disease does not affect humans but said officials were working to "prevent the spread of the virus through wild boar.and to pig farms".

However, authorities have stated that the likelihood of wild boars infected with the virus in China entering national borders and spreading the disease in South Korea was minimal.

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