Apple Series 4 Smartwatch Gets the Hermès..

Doris Richards
September 18, 2018

Apple also added features catering to the elderly, creating a function on the watch that can tell if you've fallen down and call for assistance if you need.

The new Apple Watch also comes with an electrical heart rate sensor that is capable of taking an electrocardiogram using the new ECG app.

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A bigger screen, faster chip and new health monitoring, the new Series 4 amps up a few core features.

That marginally bigger display offers a little more screen real estate, and while it doesn't quite have the near-frameless display of its iPhone XS cousin, it's a much slimmer bezel than the previous three versions of the Apple Watch.

The new products and price hike show Apple's attempts to remain competitive and increase profit in the tech sphere after recent setbacks.

"We don't see Apple turning the iWatch into a regulated medical device approved for clinical diagnosis; to be clear, Apple Watch is approved for over-the-counter (OTC) use and is not a continuous monitor", J.P. Morgan analyst Robbie Marcus wrote in an investor note.

Apple says the back is now transparent to radio waves, meaning the watch will get better cellular reception; it also has a 50 percent louder speaker and a better-positioned microphone, for better call quality. The larger watch pushes the screen to 1.78 inches with a resolution of 448x368. (Other Class II devices include some powered wheelchairs and pregnancy kits, according to the FDA website.) In its letter to Apple clearing the feature, the FDA listed as a risk factor the potential for mistakenly flagging a problem, prompting unneeded treatment. But, all kidding aside, falls can be deadly serious, and the fall detection feature in the Series 4 might, in fact, be a life saver. The Apple Watch Series 4 also gets a superior gyroscope and a digital accelerometer.

The Series 4 ups the ante, however, with an electrocardiogram (ECG) - the first such over-the-counter device available to US consumers. Therefore, 38mm bands will fit on the new 40mm size and 42mm will fit on the 44mm. It's been certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and will give you your heart rhythm classification after placing a finger onto the flat surface of the digital crown for 30 seconds.

Apple said the EKG feature will be available to USA customers later this year, an indication that it may not be ready for launch. At $200 less, the iPhone XR brings the latest iPhone experience to the masses.

In its fourth incarnation, called Series 4 and due out later this month, the Apple Watch will add features that allow it to take high-quality heart readings and detect falls. However, for iPhone users that would prefer a round display, the Galaxy Watch is a workable solution with Samsung's iOS companion app.

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