Around 1,000 Hungarians protest against Orban at pro-EU rally

Lester Mason
September 18, 2018

The vote amounts to a stunning political blow for Prime Minister Orban, who had told the parliament on Tuesday that a scathing report leading to the vote was an insult to Hungary's honour and people.

Parliament recalls that Hungary's accession to the European Union "was a voluntary act based on a sovereign decision, with a broad consensus across the political spectrum" and underline that any Hungarian government has a duty to eliminate the risk of a serious breach of the EU's values.

Shadow Cabinet Office minister Jon Trickett urged the PM to speak out against Viktor Orban's administration.

Recall that in the text of the resolution the European Parliament expressed concern about the work in Hungary, the constitutional and electoral systems, judicial independence, freedom of expression and the rights of migrants and refugees. "However, it is not right that we should be stripped of our right to protect the borders and Brussels wants to take responsibility for this instead", he added.

Other EU governments could halt any further action, however, and Poland has warned it would do so.

Though defiant, he was resigned to the outcome, saying the parliament seemed to have already made up its mind.

Tory MEPs opposed a censure motion against Hungary in the European Parliament earlier this week after years of criticism that Mr Orban is anti-democratic, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic.

Hungary will file a case at the European Court of Justice, said Mr Orban's chief-of-staff Monday, as the vote did not include abstentions in the calculation of the two-thirds majority necessary for its adoption, and hence broke EU rules according to Budapest.

But a party spokesman said the group was divided about 50-50.

Last week Mr Orban described the European Union plan as a "pro-immigration" effort led by German chancellor Angela Merkel to remove border control from peripheral countries and give "the keys to the gate" to Brussels. This could eventually lead to sanctions, such as the suspension of the voting rights in the Council. "Though I would advise the Hungarian people against this idea". "They made it clear that human rights, the rule of law and democratic values are not up for negotiation", she said.

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