Fortnite addiction is resulting in hundreds of divorces

Doris Richards
September 18, 2018

The move means that people will now be able to receive treatment for their addictions to video games and that the NHS in the United Kingdom will be able to provide treatment to children addicted to games free of charge.

According to Divorce Online, the game has been cited in over 200 divorce cases in the United Kingdom since the start of 2018. Fortnite is one such game that has been gaining traction worldwide for its features.

The video game Fortnite has been cited in the divorce papers of 200 couples in Britain in 2018. We're guessing that this isn't some anomaly limited to this specific region.

Experts say addiction is often a reason for divorce, and digital technology addiction could also cause relationship issues.

It's no secret that Fortnite has become something of a global sensation, with over 125 million registered players and several million players online at any given time.

Divorce-Online is "one of the largest filers of divorce petitions in the UK", so the figures are "a pretty good indicator" of the game's effect on marriages, according to the company. According to a report conducted by a United Kingdom.

This year, the World Health Organization recognized video game addiction, or "gaming disorder", as a "disease".

There have been over 200 divorce petitions in the United Kingdom alone over Fortnite addiction, so if we include the number of divorces resulting from Fortnite addiction from other countries, these numbers could swell quite large.

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