‘Mayochup’ now exists as a Heinz condiment option

Doris Richards
September 18, 2018

Are you too lazy to make it yourself? Heinz Mayochup sauce, the delicious blend of mayonnaise and ketchup that divided the Internet earlier this year, is officially making its USA debut, and Heinz is letting America decide who gets the first taste, according to a statement Monday.

The sauce will be available in 16.5-ounce squeeze bottles at the retail price of $3.49.

When Heinz announced that it was bringing "mayochup" to the masses, there was a massive internet uproar.

The ketchup and mayonnaise combination sauce, also known as Fry Sauce, is expected to hit the shelves at the end of the month.

Ketchup and mayonnaise coming together to form the ultimate condiment, Mayochup.

But first, the company is asking condiment lovers to vote on Twitter for the city that will get to try Mayochup first.

From now until Tuesday, Mayochup fans can vote on which city will receive the sauce first. If you really love the taste of ketchup and mayo - or just really love fries - get voting for your city because you may already be falling behind. The poll is available on Heinz's Twitter account. The top three cities are Culver City, CA, Brooklyn, NY, and Chicago, IL.

Thankfully, at the time of this discovery Mayochup was isolated only to the Gulf States, the rest of us free to enjoy Marie Rose sauce and fry sauce in peace.

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